Briton Bees

Pediatric Care

  • Well baby visits
    Skilled nurse total systems assessment, including weight checks and education on newborn care.

  • Mother and baby visits
    Postpartum delivery follow-up along with assessments of mother and child bonding
  • High risk infant and child services
    In-home skilled nursing visits for high risk pediatric clients (e.g., failure to thrive, jaundice, premature infants, and post surgery follow-ups)

  • Lab work
    In-home visits to facilitate laboratory testing as ordered by your physician
  • Technology Assisted (TA) Waiver Program
    Provides private duty staffing, supervisory, post hospitalization and crisis visits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for special needs, e.g., pediatric clients with ventilators, tracheotomy, gastrostomy and nasogastric tubes, port-a-caths or central lines
  • Other services
    Occupational and physical therapy
    Social worker involvement
    Dietitian services
    Physical, occupational and speech therapy
    Social worker and dietitian services
    IV Access, hydration, antibiotics
    Enteral feed teaching      
    Growth and development 

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